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The original Father Natures Shed*….

Father Natures Shed, opened its doors in 1974, in beautiful downtown Danville, CA. I purchased the restaurant in 2012 and the owners passed the original recipe to me, so that I can continue the tradition of this wonderful spice tea. Danville Spice Tea continues to live on well after I closed the doors in 2014. Father Natures Shed, Danville Spice Tea embodies a wonderful aroma of flavor and taste with hints of cinnamon, orange and spices. You can serve hot or cold.   

  *Don’t be fooled by others selling Father Natures tea. This recipe was passed from the original owners of Father Natures Shed (owner to owner).   


We are passionate about tea….

We believe the calming sensation that comes from drinking tea is universal, and the ingredients should reflect the various countries and cultures around us. Our primary focus is to bring you a diverse selection of flavors, and mix them to create a perfect drink.   


Ready to enjoy....

The Original Father Natures Shed Orange Tea with Cinnamon Spiced Loose Tea Leaf embodies a full bouquet with hints of cinnamon, orange, spices, fruit spiced tea recipe. Ready to enjoy, hot or cold!      

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